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Tropical Depression Barry affects West Tennessee

Over the weekend, West Tennesseans experienced storms, rainfall, and even a tornado warning.

“My wife the other night she went to the hospital down in the basement,” says Jackson resident Travis Taylor.

It’s the middle of Summer and all around the city there's water filling peoples yards, and completely taking over roads.

In some cases, the storm is affecting people personally.

“I haven’t been able to work since Friday due to the rain conditions so well be off about 3, 4 days so i'm hoping the rain will end today so I can get back to work tomorrow,” says Jackson resident James Dirkans.

According to Jason Moore, Deputy Director for the Madison County EMA, there wasn’t as much rainfall as expected today but he says the coming days could be a lot worse.

Fortunately flash floods are only expected to last a couple of days as remnants of Barry move throughout the mid-south but still people are encouraged to keep an eye out for those safety alerts on their phone like the one we got last night as well as be ready to take those safety precautions.

Moore also warns people that there could be another tornado warning, as the one this weekend came unexpectedly.

“Obviously if you hear the tornado sirens, get the alert on your phone or your weather radio make sure you get to the lowest point of your house and stay safe,” says Moore.

He also recommends people don’t try driving through flood waters and encourages everyone to stay safe.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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