UT Ag 30th annual Summer Celebration

After 3 decades, the University of Tennessee’s institute of agriculture continues to put on their annual summer celebration lawn and garden show.

Around 2 thousand people from around the state and even around the world came to the West Tennessee ag research and education center in Jackson for this event, proving that the summer celebration is international.

“All across the state and we have representatives from other states Mississippi, Alabama, Illinois, we even had some guests today from Germany,” says Ginger Rowsey.

The theme this year was kaleidoscope as they featured many colors and random objects like kitchen stoves and neck ties around the gardens to feature their constantly changing garden displays.

But enjoying the view isn't the only goal they had for the attendees.

UT Agriculture has been planning the event since January to make sure everyone leaves with necessary information.

Not only are people purchasing their products and plants here but as you can see behind me they're also getting tips and information from experts to make sure their garden can be the best it can be.

“I just want to learn to grow and plan and eat my vegetables and grow my own vegetables,” says Olivene Clavene.

The event featured 18 garden talks and tours, and more than 40 plant and craft vendors, and everyone had their favorite part from the event.

“I think my favorite part was the plants that’s what i like the most I love plants,” says Clavon.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.


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