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Second drowning in Beech Lake in less than 3 months

Community members are taking extra precautions while at Beech Lake after another drowning ocurred in the swimming area last night.

“I make sure he has floaties on, never stay away from them, you just have to take your precautions,” says Martina Smith.

The Lexington Police Department was called out to beech lake around 6:30 last night where they say a 29 year old West Tennessee resident drowned.

This is now the second drowning in the swimming area of Beech Lake in just about 2 months, with the other being on Memorial Day.

“it just happened that they were in close proximity to one other. Obviously if were able to identify anything through our investigation that could assist in preventing something like this from happening well convey that information but we've have no indication of that in this case,” says Captain Jeff Middleton.

Captain Middleton says its still an ongoing investigation but they believe this one was also an accidental drowning.

After 2 drownings here at beech lake safety officials came to the conclusion that just warning signs aren’t enough and they will be putting programs into place to make sure the community can have fun at Beech Lake while being safe.

"But there are programs being put in place to further that safety," says Beth Gilliam.

Medical safety director for West Tennessee Dive, Beth Gilliam says they're currently working on providing life jackets at Beech Lake, at the same place people get their permits.

“Unfortunately sometimes events happen that further positive change but this is positive change,” says Gilliam.

From Beech Lake, for 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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