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Non-profit asking for help sheltering area homeless during summer heat

“It’s hot everyday, humid every day. Just nowhere to sleep.”

For Robert Givens, that is the reality he and other homeless people in Jackson face as temps reaching into the low nineties all week.

While he and others are sweating it out during the day, organizations like Area Relief Ministries are trying to help.

The non-profit is running their room in the inn program during the summer but due to lack of shelter hosts, they aren’t always open.

“We have maybe half the summer covered like during the summer months, like only three months of a total of six months are actually covered" according to director of operations for arm, Fred Mckinnie.

With the some of hotestest days ahead of us this summer, ARMis asking for churches and other organizations to take part in the room in the in program.

Mckinnie says they are only asking for fourteen guys a night to be sheltered.

If you want to help out but don’t have a space to offer, there are other options.

“We can out them with other churches who are already doing shelter, that they can support whether that is with delivering food or providing transportation or if its someone to stay overnight. Those are our greatest needs if someone wants to volunteer but can’t host.”

Mckinnie says that a church offering shelter just once a month would make a big difference for the program.

If you are interested in helping out with the room in the inn program you can contact arm at 731 423 9257

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