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Officials stress safety ahead of July 4th

With the stage set and people enjoying the water, Beech Lake is ready for tomorrow’s Fourth of July celebrations.

But in the aftermath of the drowning of eighteen-year-old Renny Salazar on Memorial day, Henderson County officials are working to prevent another tragedy.

“the BRWDA will have life jackets out here available to the public, free of charge. That was something we partner with them on.”

If you are planning on taking you kids out for a swim tomorrow, miller says the safest thing to do while out is simply to know what they are doing.

“Be aware, don’t be on your phones. Keep your eyes on the kids at all times.”

TWRA officers are also urging people who plan on boating this weekend to be smart while on the water.

Across the state there have been fifty boat accidents, 35 BUIs and two fatalities according to the agency.

As a result, they are stepping up patrols for the holidays.

“we will have more officers on the water due to operation dry water, so we will be looking for impaired boat operators.”

If you do plan on drinking on your boat this holiday, the TWRA has two tips for you. Pick a designated driver and make sure you practice moderation.

“The sun, the wind, the noise, the vibration. Everything goes into it and it intensifies the amount of alcohol and what it does to you body.”

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