Mayor Conger Is Sworn Into Office

As of today, Scott Conger is officially Mayor Conger of the city of Jackson.

"I will support and defend the laws of the city of Jackson and the state of Tennessee," says Conger.

After almost a year of campaigning, Conger's friends and family witnessed as he was sworn in this morning July 1st of 2019.

But he's not the first Conger to take office, he's following in his grandfathers footsteps who was mayor of Jackson for 22 years.

He says he remembers being a little boy watching his grandfather get sworn in and even used that same bible today and he's glad his kids got to witness the moment he was sworn into office as well.

“But looking back for them i think they’ll really appreciate that moment,” says Conger.

For Conger, the city of Jackson is anything but new to him.

He spent his whole life here, he had his first job at Catfish Cabin, and even graduated from Lane College.

He says its his love for the city that’s put him where he is today.

“I think all of us ran for this seat because we love Jackson. I love my city and want to serve and want to see it do the best it can and be the best Jackson we can make it,” says Conger.

Mayor Conger will have a 12 day transition period and after that he says ready to work towards making a transparent, efficient, and inclusive government in Jackson.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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