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Jackson Police Department Introduces New Annual Fundraiser: JPD Police Experience

Shots were fired, but nobody was in danger.

It was all part of the Jackson Police Department's police experience.

“It really gave you a different aspect than just the police officers you see on the street,” says Rebecca Creasy.

Community members got to train in different aspects of what a real JPD officer has to go through.

And although training can take up to a year they fit as much as they could into one day.

They're currently going into the house as if they were the Jackson Police Department going into an intruder situation and that’s only one of the many things the JPD experience consisted of.

And everyone came out with their favorite JPD experience

“My favorite part was probably learning how to take down a grown man,” says Rebecca Creasy.

“Obviously the most fun was the shoot house where we got to pretend we were swat officers and try to chase the bad guy down," says Randy Wallace.

This is the first time JPD has had this event as their fundraiser for their community fund but Chief Julian Wiser says it was a success and plans to bring it back next year.

Most importantly, he's glad community members joined them for the experience and hopes they’ll continue to work together

“Whatever the issue is in the city we need everybody the police department cant just solve that issue so we need business community, we need churches, schools, everybody to come together to focus on what were trying to accomplish,” says Chief Wiser.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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