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Mayor Gist reflects on time in office

“Well I feel like I have been truly blessed knowing I have a job that you absolutely love.”

Four thousand three hundred and seventy eight days ago, Jerry Gist was sworn in as Jackson Mayor.

Now twelve years later, he is getting ready to depart the office for the final time.

“There is something to be said for leaving, especially in a mayor’s position, to leave under your own terms and that gives me a lot of comfort.”

Gist has worked almost his entire adult life not only in the City of Jackson but as a city employee, working for both the parks and public works departments.

In all his time working for the city, Gist says there is one moment that comes to mind as his proudest

“getting Lambuth out of bankruptcy and buying that institution for the city and then reverting it back to the state to establish the city’s first public four-year institution of higher learning.”

Gist says he doesn’t like to give advice to people unless they ask but he says that there is one this that incoming mayor scott conger should know before he takes office.

“one prerequisite is to love jackson, tennessee and if you do, you’ll do just fine as mayor.”

Gist says he plans on spending his time once he is out off office with his grand kids

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