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The Orchard House Will Soon Help Reduce Recidivism in West TN

300 decisions to 3 thousand decisions a day, that’s the difference from someone who's incarcerated to someone out in society.

Todd Byrd realized making that sudden change can be very overwhelming for someone just getting out after years in prison.

Byrd was incarcerated for 17 years and after turning his life around he decided to help others with the transition with the Orchard House being built in the city of Milan.

“I thought the orchard, the land where fruit grows because that’s what they're going to do. They're going to strengthen themselves and when you strengthen the vine it'll bear fruit,” says Todd Byrd.

It will house about 120 men, teach them scripture, give them job skills, drug test them weekly, and give them a ride to and from work.

Ben Sewell is one of the men who's looking forward to going through the Orchard House program.

“I've been incarcerated right at 3 years right now and its been a long trip but this opportunities come along and i think its going to be a really big deal, says Ben Sewell”

Trustees from the jail have been working on the house for months now putting in about 12 thousand hours of work into something that will give back to them.

The goal is that after staying here and going through the 12 month program the men's lives will be completely changed and they’ll go from being incarcerated to being the husbands, the fathers, and the hard workers they can be.

“Give them that self worth back and show they can earn a living for their family i just really believe they’ll stop coming to jail,” says Sheriff Thomas.

Today they shared their vision for the Orchard House with the community in hopes to get their support and to bring in more employers for the future residents.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

The Orchard House will be complete in about three months.

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