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Down Syndrome Association of West Tennessee Campers Practice for Performance

“Yeah I love camp,” Josie Culpepper.

Many kids spend their summer break at different camps, but there's one here in the community that the Down Syndrome Association of West Tennessee puts on that caters to children and adults with down syndrome.

“This is their time in the summer and be together and socialize with other children and peers from west tn," says Rachel Hays.

Camp imaginarium is now in its 13th year and the youth camp alone serves more than 20 kids from all over West Tennessee.

In the camp they do crafts, play sports, and they’ve been rehearsing a dance all week long to perform in the association's biggest fundraiser of the year, Country Music Lends Down a Hand.

The concert isn’t only the associations biggest fundraiser its also what the campers say they’ve been looking forward to all week.”

“My favorite part is dancing,” says Alayna Scallion.

The kids learned the entire dance in just one week.

Camp teachers say they hope the concert helps the community realize that a disability cant stop anyone from doing anything anyone else can do.

"I think its important to bring awareness to all disabilities not just down syndrome because people with disabilities can do anything else anyone else can do it just takes a little longer sometimes,” says Amber Williams.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

The Country Music Lends Down a Hand concert will take place tomorrow at 6 pm at the Casey Jones Amphitheater.

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