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Made In Tennessee College Tour: Lane College

The first CME college in the nation sits right in the middle of downtown Jackson, it's known as Lane College

“My student success commitment is to show each student the love of Christ and help each student to achieve the career of their dreams,” says President Dr. Logan Hampton.

Since 1882, Lane College has been providing an education to students who come from all across the country to receive a degree in any of their 16 degree programs.

What makes Lane College different from any other institution here in West Tennessee is that it’s a HBCU, that stands for historically black college or university. But even though most of the students do share an ethnic heritage, there's still a great amount of diversity on campus.

"And that diversity is a geographic diversity, it’s a socioeconomic diversity, it’s a religious diversity, an experiential diversity that the students bring to this place as they live and learn together,” says Dr. Hampton.

Throughout its more than 130 years, Lane has been a big part of both east Jackson and West Tennessee.

From the civil rights movements that were started by students in the early 60's and helped change laws in Jackson, to the over 2 million dollar economic impact they have on the community with their homecoming event every year.

“So HBCU’s and in particular Lane College has a vital role in not just the economic aspects of Jackson but also the cultural, civic, and all other aspects of Jackson,” says senior adviser Richard Donnell.

And as Lane College continues to grow, so do their aspirations.

Next on their agenda, is to develop master degree programs and turn Lane College into Lane University.

“Our strategic plan has directed us in that direction and were moving in that way,” says Dr. Hampton.

From Lane College, for 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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