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Chester Co. Youth Theater Gets Ready for This Years Performance

The Chester County Youth Theater in getting ready to put on a show.

50 Chester County kids have been working nonstop for two weeks to bring the 'Beauty and the Beast' to the community.

This is a program Becky Hartle started four years ago.

She says Chester County is growing in the fine arts so giving young kids the experience will allow them to be prepared for these programs in the future.

And seeing the kids progress in and out of the program is why she plans to continue theater camp for years to come.

"It gives me purpose this is the reason why I do it you know. I've had these kids some of them for four year i've watched them grow in their talent but also just in individuals and to now see what they are now it makes every minute worth it," says Becky Hartle.

The musical will be up and running this Friday and Saturday at the Lloyd auditorium on Freed Hardeman's campus.

Tickets are 10 dollars for adults and 5 for kids.

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