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Dump The Pump Day Recognized in Jackson

“Northside, Southside, East, West,” says Dalton Conor.

No matter where Jackson residents want to go, the Jackson Transportation Authority is there for them.

Dalton Conor is only one of about 1500 people who us buses or the lift service in Jackson and hes one of many celebrating national dump the pump day.

Today, people everywhere are encouraged to leave their cars at home and try taking public transportation.

“We just feel like it’s a need and we want everybody in Jackson to experience public transportation,” says Erris Yarbrough.

And those who ride the bus on a daily basis share just a couple benefits public transportation has.

“Not only will it save you some gas but at the same time you cant beat the people you meet, you see a lot, and it gets you familiarized with the city,” Nicholas Skinner.

But JTA’s efforts aren't temporary.

JTA wants to encourage the community to dump the pump throughout the entire year which is why they're offering new services like offering rides to the amp for shows and events.”

“We were thinking of new ways to get people to ride that don’t normally ride so we thought this would be a great opportunity,” says Erris Yarbrough.

The AMP loop will begin Friday the 28th and is just one of a couple new routes JTA will be introducing in the near future.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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