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Jackson Elects Scott Conger As City Mayor

As the vans pulled up to the Jackson Madison County election commission, the city of Jackson was one step closer to naming their new city mayor.

At around 8 pm last night all the ballots were finally counted.

The unofficial results showed that out of a total of over 11 thousand votes cast, more than 7 thousand of them were for Scott Conger and Dr. Jerry Woods received just over 4 thousand.

After winning over 60 percent of the vote Scott Conger is now the new mayor of the city of Jackson, and he says his reason for running in the first place was the love he has for the city.

“It's our community i'm doing this because I love Jackson. I think everyone in the room tonight, everyone that came out and voted all the support was because they love Jackson and that’s what its all about. Its about us coming together, bringing people to the table, being inclusive and building a Jackson we can build a future on,” says Conger.

Last night was a historic one for the city of Jackson.

Not only is Conger the third in his family to become Jackson city mayor, there also had not been a runoff race since 1971.

After ten months of campaigning and spreading his message, Conger says hes ready to serve the city.

"Really start building and getting Jackson to where it can be,” says Conger.

Conger's opponent, Dr. Jerry Woods says despite of his loss, he will continue to work on moving the Jackson forward.

“Well i'm going to continue working on the boards i'm working with, as well as other organizations and who knows what the future may hold,” says Dr. Woods.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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