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47th Air Race Classic Launches From Jackson

For the more than one hundred women who were at Mckellar Sipes regional airport this morning, the sky is not the limit.

They came from all over the country to participate in the 47th annual air race classic.

“It’s the most fun, its why we fly, its why we all took lessons to begin with,” says Lara Gaerte.

About 50 planes launched just 30 seconds apart from each other and before you knew it they were on their way to Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

This race is something they say they’ve been preparing for, for months.

"While were here its been a lot of briefings and then our own briefings checking the weather, checking the routes making sure were making the safest decisions making sure we have a backup if something were to go wrong so a lot of preparation,” says Kendall Hidgon

And although not everything always goes according to plan, its something that they look forward to every single year.

Takeoff has been delayed just a couple hours but nothing can stop these women. In just a couple days over a hundred women from all across the country will have flown these planes from here all the way to Ontario, Canada.

“For me I like the personal challenge. Its about a third the airplane you're racing, and a third luck, so it’s about trying to find the right winds, the right weather, and flying the perfect cross country,” says Gaerte.

The women say they hope the air race classic encourages other girls to reach for the stars and pursue a career in aviation.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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