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Miss Tennessee Volunteer, What To Expect

The Miss Tennessee Volunteer Scholarship Pageant.

It may have a different name this year, but President Jimmy Exum says people can expect the pageant to be the same as before.

“You can expect the same type of program we've always had," says Exum.

Since the pageant decided to part ways with the Miss America organization, a new Miss Tennessee pageant will take place in Knoxville, and the one that has been in Jackson for 67 years was renamed the Miss Tennessee Volunteer Scholarship Pageant.

The 36 girls competing in the volunteer pageant had a big choice to make: were they going to go to Knoxville, or were they going to come to Jackson.

“It’s the integrity of the organization. These women and the volunteers that have taken the time out of their month to spend a week in Jackson they’ve done this for years so for them to stay loyal and know what they believe in is remarkable it takes a lot of courage to do that,” says Anne McKay Sandelovich.

The pageant will have the same type of program that its always had and the girls will be judged on everything from evening gown to personality and they will continue the swimsuit competition as well.

“That’s something i like to take into schools as well just to teach our children that living a healthy lifestyle is important so for us we like to think of it as its not about being a size 0 its about being healthy and making sure you feel well all around,” says Kailey Jordan.

The Miss Tennessee Volunteer Scholarship Pageant is starting its inaugural year with more sponsors than ever, they’ve sold more tickets than ever, and they’ve raised their scholarship funds by 25 percent.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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