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A Special Dedication On Flag Day

“If you don't get a chill there's something wrong with you," says Tom Turner.

It was an emotional day for veterans and veteran family members as they honored everything and everyone the american flag stands for during national flag day.

At Liberty Garden Park there's an american flag every direction you look.

There are over 300 flags placed here on the trail at liberty park, each one with a unique tag representing a veteran or someone who previously served our country.

“It represents every person that’s served their country all the way up to afghanistan and syria so this flag is really something significant," says Turner.

This years flag day at liberty garden park was a little more special.

In addition to the celebration of the flag, flag poles were dedicated to each branch of service

Now, these flags will permanently stand in the parks freedom plaza

“It’s the permanent installation of the armed forces flag and the american flag so the 5 branches of the military flags will be posted, the Army, Marine, Navy, and Coast Guard," says Tammy Buchanan.

Veterans hope community members visit and appreciate the flags but the one thing they ask is for everyone to take flag day to learn what the flag signifies.

“Respect the flag, know what it signifies and please don’t disrespect it its something to be honored,” says Turner.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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