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New hands free law goes in effect July 1st.

While out on patrol, Madison County Sheriff’s Deputy John Pinto says there is one thing he always sees on the road.

“oh it’s constant, you come up to a red light or stop sign or even just driving down the highway, people are constantly on their phone. They’re looking down at their phone, they got their phone to their ear talking.”

Come July 1st, those who are caught using their phone driving can get pulled over and fined.

This is part of a new law, Hands Free Tennessee, that was passed earlier this year.

The bill outlaws all phone use while driving, even if a vehicle is stopped at a red light with the only exceptions being emergencies or using a bluetooth device to make calls.

Sergeant Richard King of the Sheriff’s Department says that this bill could end up saving lives.

“The reason why this bill is important is that 52% of all fatality crashes is caused by distracted

And according to stats from the Tennessee Highway Patrol, over 47,000 Madison County Drivers have been involved in a distracted driving crash since 2009

Sgt. King says the biggest says the biggest danger you face when you look at your phone in your car, is by the time you look down and then up, it is too late to react.

“when you’re using you cell phone, the distractions are manual, visual and cognitive. The effects on your ability to drive a vehicle while using your cell phone is similar drowsy driving or driving under the influence.”

Fines for a first offense with the hands free law is $50, with each following ticket being $100

You find more info at

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