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The Last Mayoral Forum Before Election Day

Scott Conger and Dr.Jerry Woods had one last chance to speak to Jackson residents just a week before election day.

Union University held a forum for the two mayoral candidates at the Carl Grant Events Center last night.

Since we had a group of five narrowed down to two I think it gives people an opportunity to see the differences and similarities between these two just one week before the voting,” says Steve Beverly.

The forum consisted of 19 questions, and each candidate had 90 seconds to provide an answer.

What both Conger and Dr.Woods say they enjoyed about this forum, is that the questions came from Jackson residents themselves.

“That’s actually from people who live in our city who have concerns and have questions so hopefully we were able to address those tonight,” says Conger.

"I think that gave me more to think about, what direction I want to go with and what direction we want to take to lead Jackson forward,” says Dr.Woods.

Both candidates discussed a variety of topics during the forum including the city's finances, unity, and how they plan to continue to keep the city progressing.

"And the three things we've talked about since august being efficient, transparent, inclusive in everything we do and making sure were driving efficiency every day,” says Conger.

“Of course we want to look at the capital budget in such a way that would include looking at our possible revenues, finding other areas for revenue,” says Dr.Woods.

The runoff election is near its end and one of these two candidates will take office in just less than a week.

For 39 News, i'm Camila Rueda.

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