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Ingram's Boxing Camp and Life Lessons

“I learn a lot of stuff here, and i got more to learn,” says Justice Day.

He's not only talking about boxing.

When kids come into Team Ingram’s Rayford Collins Jackson Boxing Club they exercise, they play games, and they train, but it's what they get out of it that really matters.

“Boxing taught me a lot. It taught me discipline, sportsmanship, hard work, it kept me out of trouble,” says head coach Lamont Ingram.

Even I got the chance to put the gloves on and realized boxing teaches the kids a lot more than just how to hit the bag.

Student Scottie Davis recently started at the boxing club and shares what its taught him so far.

“You have to have faith, you have to believe in yourself that you can do it,” says Scottie Davis.

Their summer camp is also giving these Jackson area kids somewhere safe to go and enjoy themselves during the Summer.

Aside from physical activities, Coach Ingram also does bible study with the kids, takes them on field trips, and gives them a couple meals a day.

Its only the summer camps second year but something Ingram plans to continue as he carries on his coach Rayford Collins legacy

“I want to be able to instill in others what boxing and my coach instilled in me,” says Ingram.

Those looking for more information about Ingram's boxing club and camp can contact (731) 431-2603.

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