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What does the future of Rockabilly Hall of Fame look like?

From the iconic mural out front to the memorabilia inside, the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in downtown Jackson is a haven of history on the old school music genre.

“(People from) all over the place that come through these doors and they all say the same thing, please let's keep this history alive, let's not lose it.”

Dean Ross has been serving as tour guide at the hall of fame since its longtime curator and founder Henry Harrison passed away earlier this year.

While Ross is doing his best at keeping the place running, the hall of fame is facing some changes.

At the request of Henry’s wife, Margaret Harrison, the city of Jackson voted to take over the hall of fame and the 12 thousand dollar debt she had with it.

As of now, the city plans on moving the museum.

Don’t worry rockabilly fans, the hall of fame and its treasures won’t be goring far. The plan is to move most, if not all of it to here at the Carnegie.

"We felt that if we took the memorabilia from that particular building and moved it into the Carnegie than we’d really have a full complement of memorabilia reflecting the music here in West Tennessee" says Jackson Mayor Jerry Gist.

As of now, the city plans on turning the hall of fame building into a city firefighters museum. As for Ross, he’s believes the move will ultimately benefit the museum.

“it’s a wonderful thing if it happens and even Henry was talking before that if we have to move and stuff to keep it alive. So that’s the main thing, keepin' it alive.”

Mayor Gist says the paperwork on the transfer of the hall of fame to city ownership has not been completed yet.

He also says that the future of building and its use after the hall of fame is moved out will ultimately be the decision of the new Mayor and council.

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