Made In Tennessee College Tour: Union University

The Bulldogs of West Tennessee, otherwise known as Union University is nearing its bicentennial anniversary.

The university serves over 3500 students with students from 44 states and 33 countries but it wasn’t always like that.

Union started with just one building and grew into what it is today.

"Through it all, we thank God for blessing Union and giving us the opportunities that we have,” says President Dub Oliver.

Not even the tornado that hit Union in 2008 could halt its growth.

"To see the devastation and the provision of the campus regrowing has been an incredible journey,” says Ashley Blair

The quality of education that Union provides is also a key representative of the university.

They offer more than 100 programs of study, from Associates to Doctorate degrees, ranging in almost anything.

And Union University President Dub Oliver says they're always looking for more programs to add.

"What is it we could be offering that were not offering,” says Dub Oliver.

But Union's appearance and education isn't the only thing attracting students nationally and internationally.

One thing that sticks out to many when looking at Union University is their very unique mission to provide a Christ centered education and promote excellence both in the church and in society.

"I think what really makes it special is its mission in combination with the people who lay out that mission everyday,” says Ashley Blair.

Union University will be releasing its new campus master plan in the fall, but they say no matter how much they grow, Jackson will always be home.

“Jackson, Madison County, and West Tennessee have all supported Union and were deeply grateful for that,” says Oliver.

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