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A new mural shows passersby that "Everywhere you look, UT"

A new mural off us highway 45 just south of Martin aims to show people just how big of a reach the university of Tennessee system has.

Keith fowler went to a University of Tennessee school as did his father and his children.

“we have deep roots in the University of Tennessee system.”

Those roots were deepened even more today, as one of the grain bins on Fowler’s family farm was chosen as the sight of a new UT mural.

The mural is the second one, after one in knoxville, the UT system has put up near one of its schools.

Its part of a campaign to show Tennesseans the vast reach of the school system.

“if you go to the doctor or dentist, there is a seventy percent chance they’re a UT grad, if you have a son or daughter in 4H, that is managed by UT. Everywhere you look, there is someone from ut involved.”

You might be asking yourself, why did they chose a grain bin?

Interim president Randy Boyd says they did it because rich agricultural history UT Martin has in this area.

“in the state of Tennessee, agriculture is one of the biggest industries in our state and the university’s institute of agriculture supports them in every single county.”

The mural sits just of highway 45 in Sharon, about ten minutes from martin’s campus. It’s in a spot where thousands of people a day will pass by it, but for UT Martin chancellor Keith Carver, the mural and its location is more than just a marketing move

“Martin is about family, we celebrate agriculture and we just think what a better place to do it than right here on a farm.”

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