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Highway 70 Sale Kicks Off

Highway 70 won't be such a smooth drive this weekend. Instead, those driving down the highway might be making more stops than usual.

From Memphis all the way to Nashville, there will be many vendors taking part in the annual Highway 70 yard sale.

“Gives us something to do. Were retired, we enjoy doing it,” says Jerry Davidson.

This is the 16th year of the Highway 70 sale.

And from those selling to those buying, it’s a West Tennessee tradition.

Jerry Davidson is passing on the tradition to his great grandson Andrew Brown who has been coming out to sell with him for years now.

“It's fun, we just come out here, we load up the trailer early in the morning 6-8 then we stay pretty late until about 6,” says Andrew Brown.

The Highway 70 sale is something people look forward to every year and some even spend all year long buying and collecting items they know they want to have in next years sale.

“All year long just pile it back and wait until the 70 yard sale hopefully give it away and get rid of it then buy it next year,” says Davidson

Davidson has six buildings full of antiques that he says hes looking forward to bringing out to the sale this year.

But those who aren't selling, are treasure hunting. Each searching for something special with each stop they make.

“Personally, I look for some cool jewelry and stuff but there's all kinds of cool things everywhere you never know what you're going to run up on,” says Samantha McDaniel.

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