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Multiple Agencies in West Tennessee Arrest 28 in Hardin County

28 individuals.

That’s how many are now inside the walls of the Hardin County jail after an operation last week that focused on illegal drug and gang activity in Hardin County.

“In the arrests we had some drug charges, people with meth and pills, also we had some weapon charges on one to two other parole violators,” says Sheriff Alexander

The operation came as a result of a recent increase of crime in the city of Savannah, according to a release by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Sheriff Alexander says the criminal activity is often not Hardin County residents, but those from out of town and even who come in from out of state.

“Here we border Mississippi and Alabama so we have a lot of people coming in across state lines that commit crimes in Hardin County too,” says Sheriff Alexander

The Sheriff’s Department says they couldn’t have done it alone.

The Savannah Police Department was only one of a total of 17 different agencies that were involved and the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office says the involvement and teamwork of all the different agencies was the reason why this operation was so successful.

Sheriff Alexander says when agencies work together like this they can make a big difference in West Tennessee

He asks Hardin County residents to continue this effort of teamwork by reporting criminal activity.

From Hardin County, for 39 News, I’m Camila Rueda.

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