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Jackson city council passes multiple items in June meeting

Today was the last City Council meeting for Jackson City Mayor Jerry Gist and council members Charles Bray, Vicky Foote, Charles Rahm and Randy Wallace but before they could wrap up their timeserving the city, they and the rest of the council had a lot to work through.

First the council voted 7-2 to pass the upcoming fiscal year’s budget, which is not a whole lot different from last years.

The current council wanted the new Mayor and their successors to be able to adjust the budget once they take office in July.

We’re proud to say we didn’t raise property taxes on any of our citizens or business said Council member Earnest Brooks.

Next the council voted to approve the spay and neuter ordinance that has been discussed over the last two months.

Starting September first, all pet owners within city limits will need to have their pets spayed or neutered or risk a fine.

The goal of the ordinance is to help control the city’s pep population but according to Councilman Earnest Brooks, he believes the new ordinance will be more hurtful than helpful.

"For me, it’s a hindrance and a burden for our residents, especially our poor and senior citizens.”

Lastly, the council also approved a resolution that along with the school board and county commission, would reimburse health communities lcc their pre-development expenses if the public-private partnership to build new JCM and Madison Academic campuses falls through.

The project has faced some delays but developers are confident it will be completed.

because of the delay in awarding the new market tax credits this year, they came out four months late, has put us a little bit behind schedule but it is still our plan to break ground by the end of the year according to Hal Crocker of Healthy Communities LLC.

The council also approved a plan to pay off the debt of the Rock-a-billy Hall of Fame and take ownership of building.

The hall of fame’s memorabilia will be moved to the Carnegie Museum and the building will be used by the Jackson Fire Department.

There is no time table as of now for this project.

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