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EMA Director Gives Safety Advice After Drownings in Local Lakes

Two lives were lost just days apart from each other, both in recreational lakes here in West Tennessee.

The first was 18 year old Renny Salazar who was visiting from Guatemala for Memorial Day.

The Henderson County EMA says Salazar went underwater at Beech Lake, and never resurfaced.

On Wednesday, a second person drowned.

18 year old Detravion Jarrett drowned while swimming in Carroll County’s Thousand Acre Recreational Lake.

“Its definitely eye opening for us it makes us get more prepared and we want to help make the community more prepared for these situations so they hopefully don’t happen,” says Drew Cook

Henderson County EMA director Drew Cook says this isn’t common and it’s been several years since they last saw a drowning, but now they’re concentrating on community education and outreach to keep it from happening again

Safety officials are now pushing the lake rules and other advice near water in hopes that West Tennessee can get through the rest of Summer without another tragedy.

“To use caution and to use common sense when you’re out there and heath warning signs and make sure that you’re always on guard especially for young children and also adults have someone spotting and ready to act if something were to happen, “says Drew cook.

Another message they want to get into the community is to throw and not go if people encounter someone that needs help.

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