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Dyersburg Welcomes New VA Clinic

The new VA clinic in the city of Dyersburg officially opened.

For veterans in the area, that means no more having to drive 4 hours to and from Memphis for an appointment.

“It means quite a lot when I first got out and started dealing with VA. I had to drive to Memphis 3 times a week just for appointments and stuff this helps a whole lot right here,” says Joel Baucom

David Dunning, director of the VA medical center in Memphis, says their goal is to provide the same quality of care that they have in Memphis, to rural communities.

The clinic tripled its space from a 3 thousand foot location, to 9 thousand feet allowing there to be even more services.

Those include primary care, suicide awareness and prevention and with the expansion, they were able to add more mental health professionals.

Being able to expand the clinic and provide all these services they say is just one way to take care of and thank the veterans in the community.

“it truly shows that were committed to serving the population that’s up here, committed to serving them, committed to taking care of them after they’ve served their nation,” says David Dunning.

And having a clinic completely dedicated to serving veterans, they say means a lot to them.

“Unless you’ve been there or been involved in it you don’t know what the real deal is and people involved in the VA understand and they know, and it makes dealing with it a whole lot easier,” says Joel Baucom.

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