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Jackson ranks in top ten for positive drug tests

New data shows that Tennessee ranks as one of the highest states for failed marijuana drug screenings.

According to data from Quest Diagnostics, 3.2%t of drug tests in Jackson come back as positive, which ranks 4th in US metropolitan cities. Jackson's rate sits just over a point above the national average which is 2.1%. Local drug recovery centers say that part of this rise actually stems from the state's problems with painkillers.

"We're seeing a lot of people coming in and saying, hey i was using drugs like hydrocodone like i was prescribed, i'm worried about getting addicted so I've switched to marijuana to take care of the chronic pain." Says Joshua Krebs of the Cumberland Heights Foundation.

Krebs says another reason for the data is that the highest rate of positive drug tests come from the food service, retail and service work, which make up nearly 40% of industry in the city of Jackson.

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