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A Generous Gift for the MCSO K-9 Unit

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office was given two new bulletproof vests for the K-9 Unit January 17th by two Jackson couples who love dogs.

They provided these new vests to Timo and Luna at the Sheriff’s Office in a brief presentation to Sheriff Mehr and K-9 Deputies Matt Nierenberger (with Timo) and Preston Overbey (with Luna). Luna’s vest was given in honor of Jack and Jackie Wood and their Therapy dogs, Clancey and Traveler, who work in our community in nursing homes and hospitals. These vests cost approximately $1,000.00 each. The MCSO K-9 Unit is primarily used for tracking and narcotic detection.

The Sheriff thanked these citizens for their care and concern for our dog’s safety during these hostile times battling crime.

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