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Made in Tennessee: The Footbar Walker

What was once an old tile store in Paris now house GANM LLC. The company was started a few years ago by Gary and Nancy Morris to help patent and sell their creation, the foot bar walker.

“It is attachments that go onto the standard walker that turns it into an assistance to not only the patient but also the care giver.”

Gary and Nancy came up with the idea for the Footbar walker to help some close friends who were looking for a better way to get around with a walker.

The walker works by allowing a care giver to use their weight as a counter balance to allow the person using the walker to pull themselves up with minimal strain.

“It worked for them very, very well and with their encouragement and other people that we helped, we started for the patented.”

All of the attachments that go into making the Footbar walker are made by a few different companies through out Tennessee.

Those attachments are then are assembled by the GANM LLC in the back of their shop

The company received their patented for the Footbar walker in 2017 and the simple invention has already started to make an impact in care centers across West Tennessee.

“One resident in particular used to have to use a lift to get out of bed and we put him in physical therapy using the Footbar walker and now he no longer has to use the lift, he uses this to get in and out of the bed.”

Even just a few years ago, Gary and Nancy never thought they would be spending their retirement starting their own company

As far as the future goes for Gary, Nancy and the Footbar walker, it’s really a day by day process.

“There are regulations and we are trying to abide by everything we come along that says “Hey we need to do this. It’s a learning process.”

You can find out more about the walker at

If you know of a company or product, big or small, that is made here in West Tennessee, let us know by sending us an email at

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