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TSPN looks to get first in nation license plate

“I don’t want any mother, any person to feel what I am feeling right now and deal with what I am dealing with.”

This past summer, Lynn Julian experienced tragic loss. Within three weeks of each other, both her son and daughter-in-law died by suicide.

Since the loss, Julian has become a big a advocate for suicide prevention.

“One of the key things we need to do is raise awareness for suicide prevention and be willing to talk about suicide and not have it be a taboo subject anymore in our society.”

The Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network has a new initiative based around promoting awareness.

The group is trying to get Tennessee to be the first state in the us to have a license plate dedicated to suicide awareness.

“Suicide is preventable, we know that, and so if you roll up behind a vehicle and you see this license plate that could save someone’s life.”

The group needs to have one thousand purchases of the plate by may of next year to qualify for a state issued license plate.

The new plates will also serve as a source of funding for the state-wide prevention network.

But the added funding is just a small bonus to what the plates can mean.

“It’s more than money. Its about keeping people alive and helping people find hope that they’ve lost.”

To find out more information about the plates and training materials, you can visit If you are having thoughts of suicide or depression, you can call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or text TN to 741-741

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