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. When these stains are embraced by elected officials and demagogues who prey on the fears and lowest common denominators within our nation, we all suffer.

We must say no to hate, fear-mongering and the demonization of differences. We must express our opposition to hatred in all aspects of our lives including economic, social and at the ballot box. We must support those individuals, institutions, and organizations which call for inclusion. If we remain silent, then those who champion stratification and division, win.

It’s unfortunate that this tragedy follows the terroristic behavior of those who feel justified in sending bombs to those who differ politically, and the senseless shooting of two innocent lives because of racial hatred in Louisville, Kentucky. Our nation at its best represents inclusion and opportunity. This is one side of America, yet on the other side of America exists, the often embraced idea of using violence toward those with different political views. It’s a side our community knows all too well and continues to experience. We empathize with members of the Jewish Community attending a baby naming service at a synagogue, children at a school or being separated from parents at our borders or simple church-goers seeking to worship in peace– all of it is wrong and disheartening.

Today, we must not only come together to pray but stand up against hatred. We join our friends in the Jewish community and others in mourning the victims of this heinous attack and will continue our fight to eradicate bigotry in all of its forms.

For More Information Contact:

Jackson Madison County NAACP Branch Office

118 North Church Street, Jackson, TN 38301

(731) 927.7004 Office, (731) 927.7003 Fax or, (731.437.6811 cell)

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