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UT Martin Celebrates Move In Day

Freshman are moving in and getting ready to start their journey at the University of Tennessee at Martin. And no matter where they’re coming from, older students make them feel welcome.

Freshman representing 28 different states started coming into martin around 5 am on Friday.

They were welcomed with more than 500 students and volunteers ready to help move into their dorm.

“...asking about our daughter and where she came from and what she’s majoring in so it certainly made me feel like this is a big family and they all take care of each other,” said Paula Bartz.

Student volunteers took on various roles, like elevator duty, outside duty, and greeters. Collectively, volunteers put in over 12 hundred hours.

The students volunteering on move in day told us about the benefits that they have seen in the past and that they hope to bring to the freshman moving in.

“It makes them want to keep coming back each semester, it keeps retention rates up, it keeps spirits high it keeps morel high it keeps everybody feeling like a family here.”

Families who are leaving their children, as well as the students who are leaving the nest say they appreciate the warm welcome.

“Its just great to know that they care about freshman you know.”

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