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RIFA Receives Donation From Church of Latter Day Saints

The RIFA food pantry received a little help from the Church of Latter Day Saints on Friday.

The church presented RIFA with a $9000.00 check to help with the organization’s snack backpack program.

The snack backpack program provides easy to make meals for kids who do not have easy access to food when they are out of school.

This is the fourth donation the church has made to RIFA in the past few years.

"This program is an amazing program that helps so many children and were so thankful to be a part of that and partner with RIFA," said Michael Pearson, bishop with the church.

"This is our biggest ministry as far as the volume that goes out the door. We just need continual ongoing support to keep this program going," said Lisa Tillman, executive director of RIFA.

The donation will be able to cover a week and a half's worth of food for the program.

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