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Sinkhole Forms In North Jackson

The physical damage from the sink hole is just part of the problem. A representative from Target at Stonebrook Place said they’ve had to shut down their Starbucks and restrooms because of the sinkhole.

By the afternoon, crews from a Tim Furguson Plumbing were on scene assessing the damage.

“From my understanding there has been an old storm drain that has been leaking for some time, that has caused the soil to erode under the ground. Which in turn forced a fire hydrant loose and now we have a large sinkhole because of the main that was leaking,” said Zach Edwards of Tim Furguson Plumbing.

Edwards says that the crews will start working on fixing the water main soon.

Customers should expect water back at the stores in the near future.

“We’re still trying to nail some things down but we’re actually going to cut into the concrete here today. We should have the water back on within the next 24 to 36 hours,” added Edwards.

If you find yourself up near the sink hole while work is being done on it, Edwards asks that you be careful.

“it’s not a good idea to go check it out. Sometimes it can be hard to stay away from places like this but it’s just kinda dangerous.”

There have been no injuries reported in relation to the sinkhole.

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