Milan Looks To Expand Broadband Infrastructure

Milan Public Itilities serves over eight thousand customers in the city and surrounding area.

MPU and the city have been working on a plan to expand the utility company’s capabilities.

The group is looking to get city approval on an over twelve million-dollar broadband infrastructure expansion.

The broadband expansion has the ability, according to city officials, to take Milan Public Utilities into the 21st century.

The fiber optic expansion would completely modernize MPU’s current set up and allow for both greater customer and company control of utilities.

It would also boost internet capabilities for the area, which will have a huge impact in the city.

“It’s going to give us the advantage of recruiting more industry to Milan, with high speed broad band. As well with more entrepreneurs who are looking to settle,” said Milan Mayor BW Beasley.

High speed broadband also plays a big factor in modern quality of life standards, according to Mayor Beasly.

“The access to highspeed broadband is going to be critical to have people move to Milan and realize what we have to offer. High speed broadband is critical, I think, to all cities, especially the city of Milan.”

Milan Public Utilities say their plan would start by building out the broadband infrastructure in the city over the next two years and then move to the outer areas of their customer base after that.

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