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Made In Tennessee: Butcher Boy Machines

Butcher Boy Machines made the city of Selmer its home after moving from California 11 years ago.

“Its just the hospitality and the closeness and the family in the relationship with the people here. Once they come in they take ownership of the job and ownership in the company so we’re just a big family,” said Morris Wilson, general manager.

The machine inside of a huge box is a tool many companies use to make feeding the community possible. But a band saw can do much more than cut meats, its used by all types of businesses, local and international.

“Pillsbury, Sara Lee, Kraft, everything from breaking down cheese and pastries and things like that they use our grinders and mixers to do that,” said Shane Wilson of Butcher Boy.

Butcher Boy’s equipment wouldn’t need a replacement for a couple of decades, but they are constantly introducing new equipment to keep up with technology. They are currently working on a prototype that will take their wide range of products even further.

Everything that they do, from an idea, to the very last screw, happens out of Selmer.

And although they’ve been in existence since 1929, Butcher Boy sees a bright future for themselves for many more years.

Their current growth, they say will stem from a new client in the meat industry.

“A lot of the new dog food companies and older ones that are progressing and growing are going towards natural meat and so our market for that has definitely jumped 30-40 percent, ” added Wilson.

Next time you eat a deli meat or even a piece of cheese, remember that Butcher Boy Machines helped make that possible.

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