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Jacoby Jones Returns Home To Lane College

A 10 year NFL career. A Super Bowl ring. Numerous records. Now Jacoby Jones is back to where it all started.

“Coming home it means so much because like I said this place gave me a chance at life and I can relate to these kids because I’ve walked these grounds, I know what they think I know what they going through most of the time so it’s an honor to come back here,” said Jones.

Jones was a walk on at Lane College. Today, he is their wide receiver coach.

Football players at Lane College have two people coaching them with NFL experience and they both say that football isn’t the only thing they hope to teach them.

“Its not so much of football, its life. Like what’s outside of the white lines playing in that field, there’s no much more. Because everybody’s not going to make it to the NFL, but I’m trying to give them that positive attitude that there’s much more you can do once you leave Lane College."

“And having a good attitude and being a disciplined man and we just want our kids to grow up to be good fathers and good men and good people,” said head coach Derrick Burroughs.

Burroughs doesn’t know how they got so lucky, but they are grateful that he chose to call Lane College his home.

“I don’t know if Lane could pay a Jacoby Jones, a guy with 10 years’ experience and the knowledge he has in his position. I don’t know if we could afford to pay him what he deserves but he wanted to come home and he wanted to coach at this school.”

And for Jones, he can relate to the players, because after all, this is where is career began.

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