Community: Citizen notices good deed of one of our officers. Way to go Gibbons! Building positive re

Editors note: Its not often we publish an unsigned or anonymous letter. This was released on the law enforcement site Nixel which is used by Jackson Police to put out news releases. If its good enough for them to post on their site, its fine with us.



I gotta share this. His face is turned because he didn't want his picture taken but he did say I could post this and this picture. I was a DG getting a few things and while in the line heard the ladies talking about 2 cop cars being outside. They had been robbed recently and there was a suspicious black male outside trying to get money from ppl. Well the officers got there and found a young black male outside and was a bit upset. They bring the worker out to see if he was the same one. She explained no but he came in to buy an sd card he needed for school. He needed and had money for an 8 gig but all they had were 16 gigs which cost more than he could afford. He was scared he was in trouble but the officer assured him he was not. He asked why he was so upset and the young man explained he needed that sd card for school

. The officer said don't worry, took him inside and said he would buy the sd card for him. He came in explained he was going to buy it, the lady said "sir, we only have 16 gig, they cost more" the officer said "idk just give him what he needs" it was late so he bought the sd card, bought him some snacks and told him to get home so he could get his sd card set up. Too many times we hear of the bad but I wanted to share this story. The officer's name was Gibbons and wanted no credit. He got a handshake from me and a smile from a young man who was quite upset earlier.

This message was posted by an observant citizen:

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