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Dean Campaigns In Jackson As Election Approaches

Under a cloudy sky and warm summer day, the Democratic party of Tennessee preached a message of unity in downtown Jackson.

“I think you always want people across the state to know that we are working together,” said Karl Dean, Democratic candidate for governor, at a rally on Friday.

“We have a an opportunity to balance this thing out, and we need every single vote,” said Craig Fitzugh.

Although former Nashville mayor Karl Dean and Tennessee house minority leader Craig Fitzugh were opponents a little over a week ago in the state’s primary election, the two men are now looking to work together to turn the governor’s office blue in November.

“I enjoyed campaigning with him, he ran very positive campaign, I learned a lot from him.”

Friday’s rally also served as a chance for Dean and Fitzugh to put out the main points of the Democratic campaign for this fall. The one that got the biggest response from event goers, Medicaid expansion.

“Everywhere I’ve been on my campaign, this has been the most lively received thing. The people, whether they are independents, republican or democratic don’t want their hospitals to close.”

Dean issued an invitation to his opponent in November’s general election, Republican Bill Lee, to campaign side by side with him in what he is calling town square campaign.

“We have different ideas, different policies, different backgrounds and I think one of the things you want to do in the campaign is get as much exposure to what the issues are and what the differences are between the candidates to the public as possible.”

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