New $4 Million Investment Comes To Lexington Plant

Welch Packaging and Cooper Container announced today they will be investing four million dollars into their Lexington plant.

The investment will more than double the company’s workforce over the next three years and add 100 thousand square feet to their current facility.

“We think this is an area we want to continue to grow. Anytime we have a strong leadership team we want to build on them, so we have a strong community and great leadership team. That’s a formula for success in our eyes,” said Michael Welch, CEO.

Officials for Welch Packaging and Cooper Container say investing in Lexington was an easy choice to make.

“We thought it was advantageous to invest in Lexington because of the people and the community. The environment is very dynamic.”

This is the fourth jobs announcement in Lexington and Henderson county since the start of April, totaling over five hundred new jobs in the area.

Lexington mayor Jeff Griggs says there is no big secret behind their recent job growth.

“Our city and county, our county commissioners and board of alderman are working together. Our education is working with us. I just think the stars have lined up with Henderson county.”

Mayor Griggs says the new jobs will make an impact in the Lexington community.

“Bringing in competitive wages empowers families and that money gets re-circulated into the community and stimulates our economy here.”

Welch packaging says that some of the new jobs are already available and open to applications.

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