Helping Hands Expands Into Tiptonville and Brownsville

For three months, Helping Hands has been providing affordable dental care to those in the Jackson area. Now, people in surrounding cities will get to experience the same services.

Maegen Echols is one of almost 1500 patients that helping hands has had in only three months.

“We don’t get dental insurance, so it was more of the most affordable place possible,” said Echols.

Since Helping Hands opened in March, they have surpassed their expectations.

CEO Sabrina Blue says that what makes them different from any other dental clinic is their affordability. In the first quarter, they saved their clients over 150 thousand dollars.

Going to the dentist could cost hundreds of dollars. But at helping hands, sitting in the chair could cost as little as only 20.

“But the key is to make it affordable so that folks can have an option. So if people are uninsured and are looking for another option and they live around the Jackson community, we welcome them to our dental clinic,” said Blue.

The positive results allowed them to expand and launch locations in both Tiptonville and Brownsville. They also have plans to start visiting and performing services at local schools and churches next month.

Their quarterly results prove how satisfied clients have been, and one says she would recommend helping hands to anyone.

“Price is good for my ability even though I am disabled, and I tell anybody else about this place,” said Willie Russell, a patient at the clinic.

After seeing success in the first three months, Helping Hands has set a goal of reaching 4 thousand people by the end of their fiscal year.

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