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K9s Receive New Training Facility In Gibson County

Gibson County’s K9s now have another resource for their agility training with a brand-new training course.

Agility training is just one of the many types of training that K9s have to go through so they can have validity in court.

They also go through narcotics, tracking, and bite work training.

The new course that was completely donated by a local business includes hurdles, climbing, crawling and even jumping through a car window.

And constant training, is what differentiates a regular dog from a K9 dog.

"When I first started with my dog, of course I worked for six weeks with him before I actually came home with him in Indiana. And you can actually see a change in them as they were learning as you go along with the dog and as they’re learning they get better and better as you work them,” said Jay Morris, a K9 handler.

Their training in this new course is an addition to what is put on the K9s resume.

The K9s are trained almost every day, and Gibson County isn’t the only ones who will benefit from it.

They also train collectively with other agency’s K9s, at least once a month.

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