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Develey Holds Grand Opening In Dyersburg

If you have ever eaten a sandwich, a burger, or a hot dog with Tigers Tail mustard on it, you have tried one of the 23 products that will be made in the city of Dyersburg.

“Develeys based in Germany, they could’ve located this plant anywhere and they chose here,” said Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam.

Dyersburg welcomed the first state of the art Develey plant in North America.

“Tennessee is a great state to start a factory. First, logistically we are pretty much centric and on the other side it’s the community, it’s the people that I found here so that’s why I chose Dyersburg TN,” said Michael Durach, Develey owner.

The grand opening was a celebration of how far the company has come since its groundbreaking 18 months ago.

Develey started with only 3 employees, and now employs over 60. Jenni Frank is one of the three who has seen the expansion from the very beginning.

“And watching it come from just a speck building where there wasn’t anything inside to a fully produced production. It’s a really cool feeling and it makes me really proud to be a part of this company,” said Frank.

But the company won’t stop here. They have plans to expand employees, manufacturing, and distribution in the near future.

“So we have created over 60 jobs and we will continue to add to that, we’ll be well over 100 jobs next year,” said Susan Walden, plant manager.

Develey wants to add additional packaging lines, distribute throughout the United States and double their number of employees.

The German company said they chose to locate in Tennessee because the local community has made them feel right at home.

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