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Students and Teachers Alike Start Their First Day of School

It’s the first day of school for Madison county students, and also for some teachers. Excitement is in the air for everybody, as well as some nervousness.

“Even myself I know that that very first day of in service I was nervous going in because I didn’t think I knew anyone,” said Charlotte Jackson, teacher at North Parkway Middle School.

Jackson drove an hour this morning from her house for her first day of school.

She had never taught in Madison County before, and like a kid at a new school was looking forward to meeting everyone.

“The county did a fabulous job of welcoming new teachers, we all felt like we were part of the family for years because they just made us feel like we walked right in and sat right down and it was like walking home.”

Now, Jackson’s goal is to make her students feel as welcome as the teachers at her school made her feel.

“I just want them to know that they’re safe here and we’re going to have fun, and we’re going to learn a lot but I love them no matter what they do.”

Friday, students spent the day getting to know each other and their new teachers for the year.

It was only a half day, but students started their whole first day on Monday.

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