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South Gibson County Elementary School Opens Its Door

South Gibson County Elementary School is about twice as big as the old one.

It allowed them to get rid of six portables and fit everybody in the same building.

“So this is quite nice that to all be in the same spot and be able to talk to your colleagues and get advice and the students as well,” said Kim Wehner, teacher at SGCES.

The move means more room for current students, teachers, and for future expansion.

Monday morning, South Gibson County Elementary was at 699 students, 200 more students than they had at Medina Elementary.

“We did add third grade this year, looking to add fourth grade next year. So we added another 200 students,” said Billy Carey, principal of SGCES.

Students won’t be the only ones taking advantage of the new building. The new building is also beneficial for the local community. TWRA, the Sheriffs Department, and local government can have meetings and training inside of the facility.

“We’ve already talked with them about having different trainings here. Our local TWRA officers are going to have a hunter safety course already, we have that scheduled here and so it’s an asset to the community to be able to utilize this as well,” added Carey.

It’s the same teachers, the same students, but in a nicer setting. And it will take over 1200 students to outgrow South Gibson County Elementary School.

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