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Made In Tennessee: Toyota Bodine

Toyota Bodine sits just outside of Jackson in west Madison County.

The company is one of Jackson’s largest employers and has been in operation for almost fifteen years.

They specialize in building engine blocks for Toyota.

“The engine block is what most people refer to as the heart of the engine or the heart of the vehicle,” said Shawn Daly, plant manager.

The plant produces 6400 engine blocks a day to be shipped all over the US and the world.

When you see a Toyota car on the road, whether it be your neighbor’s or one for out of state, odds are, their engine block was made right here in Jackson.

“Most people don’t realize seventy percent of the vehicles they see on the road are built in North America, and all of those have an engine block that was made here in Jackson at Toyota Bodine,” added Daly.

For the employees of Toyota Bodine, knowing their work is being used around the world brings them satisfaction.

“It’s an awesome feeling to be on the interstate, the highway, the back roads, the streets, where ever and you see a Toyota. You think, oh I had a hand in that. It makes me feel great,” said Belinda Pugh, group leader of production control.

Bodine produced 1.5 million engine blocks and cases in 2017. With all those pieces built, it takes a lot of aluminum to keep running.

“So our engine blocks and transmission cases and housings are produced by 100% recycled aluminum, and we continue to recycle it. All of our scrap goes back to being recycled.”

Toyota Bodine has also donated over one million dollars to local Jackson and Madison County organizations.

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