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Teachers Prepare For School Year With In-Service Day

Jackson Madison County schools held a pep rally of sorts for their teachers and staff Tuesday morning.

The in-service day was a chance for teacher and staff to hear from district leaders as well as get excited for the new school year.

”I’m really looking forward to engaging with students. Finding out how was there summer and engaging with them on how there excited to be back in school,” said Kameliah Allen, teacher at JCM Early College High.

The district hosts this in-service day to get everyone on the same page and line up the vision of the school district before the kids come back.

“Anytime you’re embarking on change it doesn’t go in an upward trajectory, sometimes it goes backward and sometimes it goes sideways but its important we keep the main thing, the main thing,” said Dr. Eric Jones, JMCSS Superintendent.

Tuesday’s in-service day also served as a chance for Dr. Jones to impart a little bit of good news to the teachers and staff of JMCSS schools.

“The majority of our subject areas we saw improvement in our academic achievement. We still have a long way to go but anytime you can celebrate the victories, we want to do so.”

As for Ms. Allen and the rest of the JMCSS teachers, they are ready for the students to be back in their classrooms.

“We want you to be welcomed, we want you to feel at home, we want you to feel comfortable but more then ever we want you to be academically ready for your future.”

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