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Buses Prepare for Upcoming School Year

The wheels on a school bus never stop going round and round.

During the summer, mechanics are working on the buses and doing oil and tire changes, all to make sure they’re ready and safe for the first day of school.

As the new school year begins, bus drivers will have new stops and new bus routes, and some, will be on a new bus.

JMCSS purchased 12 new buses this year that will be able to carry another 71 students.

“At least 12 bus loads will have a more comfortable ride on August the third because they will have air conditioned buses,” said Bryan Chandler, Director of Transportation for JMCSS.

Chandler says every new bus purchased from now on will have A/C.

Before school starts, bus drivers want to remind students how to properly behave on the bus so the bus driver isn’t distracted and can keep them as safe as possible.

“Sit down, speak in an appropriate volume, make sure you keep your hands and feet to yourself, and don’t throw anything on or off the school bus,” added Chandler.

All 133 buses have gone through the bus shop garage and are ready to transport over 7 thousand kids every day.

If anyone has questions about their bus route, they recommend calling your school first.

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